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New Mortgage Approvals Are On The Increase
By Direct Traffic
This week the latest numbers for mortgages was revealed. Positive news for the number of new mortgages being issued as figures rose across the UK. This is of course good news as it shows lenders have increased lending however we have to be careful not to look too much into the numbers as it may be a blip and isnít enough to suggest a recovery.

Sales did jump by 35% in March and April when compared to February so this encouraging news. My personal opinion is that we will see a steady, clear rise in approvals in the autumn, improvements in the market are happening and it has been reported prices are rising in some areas however it generally takes two to three months to complete a house purchase so any increase now wonít show until August or September time.

Different research indicate different directions, I think we can confidentially say the market is still very volatile and isnít on the recovery path just yet. The banks certainly received a wake up call when the

credit crunch hit and wonít be lending more than they are comfortable with until a recovery has definitely started. This is shown in the deals that are currently on offer. If you are looking for a you will find it difficult to secure a deal unless you have a decent deposit. Two thirds of deals require a minimum deposit of at least 25%. The best deals are available to those who have impeccable credit histories and can put up 40% of a deposit; this is needed for a quarter of the deals on offer.

There are many sources for online advice . You will find various financial expert websites as well as brokers own websites. Many are embracing new technology to bring you the information you require, interactive content such as calculators as well as contact methods such as contact forms and interactive chat. This means you can find out the information you need quickly without speaking in person, saving you time which you can spend on other matters.
Kim has 2 years experience in the finance industry. She Enjoys writing articles on different finance related topics and has extensive experience in Mortgages and how to find the best rates.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to mortgage that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our mortgage payment calculator resources.

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